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Dan King (The Game Boy Geek) & Sam Healey talk about topics involving Christians and Tabletop Gaming while trying to bridge the gap between world views.
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Jun 25, 2021

Sam and Kas welcome their good friend, Andrew Lowen, on the podcast to talk about his Christian fantasy dungeon-crawler on Kickstarter right now, Deliverance!

Enjoy the show!

Apr 21, 2021

Sam and Kas are joined by their good friend, Kevin Burkhardsmeier (aka Burky) to talk about a couple games they've been playing and Game Topper's new Kickstarter that launched on April 20, 2021!!

Jan 9, 2021

Join co-hosts Sam Healey and Kas Ismail as they share three games for each of them that they've been digging on recently and then take a look back at 2020!

*Recorded on December 9, 2020*

Jul 26, 2020

Join hosts Sam Healey and Kas Ismail for another episode of The Dice Steeple. In this episode they share current events in their own lives and a currently hot game for them, and speak to Eric Bitterman about his games Stonebound Saga and The Isofarian Guard. Check it out!

May 6, 2020

Co-hosts Sam Healey and Kas Ismail talk about a couple of games each that they've been playing recently, and then share some encouraging words that they hope will lift you up during this difficult era in which we find ourselves!

Mar 30, 2020

Sam and Kas begin the Dice Steeple anew! Sam generally explains the hiatus, and then he and Kas talk about a couple of the games each of them are looking forward to this year! Kas then gives his testimony as a way of introducing himself to the audience.

Intro and outro music is "At Calvary" by Michael Sweet, from his "Him" solo album.

May 18, 2018

In this episode Sam & Dan talk briefly about the CMON Expo in Atlanta where they are both on site.  They also bring in designer Philip duBarry & Lance Hill from Funhill Games about their upcoming release Wisdom of Solomon.


1:10 - Guest intros

3:32 - Games We played - Black Orchestra

4:56 - One Week Ultimate Werewolf

7:15 - Blood Rage

9:03 - CMON Expo

10:06 Funhill Games

13:45 - Wisdom of Solomon

Mar 24, 2018

Today Dan & Sam are joined by Patrick from Chara games. They talk about Chara Games' new game Soul of the Empire set in 54 A.D. Then they discuss games they've recently played. Finally they discuss the phrase A Minute to Learn, a Lifetime to Master which was the slogan for a game called Othello, but also how we can reference the gospel with this phrase.


0:00 - Intro

2:27 - Soul of the Empire

15:34 - Games We Have Been Playing

15:46 - The Mind

18:49 - Meeple Con

20:32 - Dungeon Petz

23:59 - Stuffed Fables

26:10 - Chronicles of Crime

28:25 - Champions of Midgard

31:01 - Photosynthesis

35:00 - A Minute to Learn, A Lifetime to Master


Dec 9, 2017

In this episode of the Dice Steeple Sam & Dan talk about the Dice Tower Cruise, the games they’ve played on the cruise, and the beginnings of a board game ministry that Dan has started called Gaming on Purpose..


1:05 - Dice Tower Cruise

11:07 - Games we’ve been playing

12:13 - Team Play

14:17 - Pie Town

16:52 - Muse

19:32  - Merlin

25:10 - Gaming on Purpose Board Game Ministry with Dan King

Nov 26, 2017

In this episode Dan & Sam are joined by Mike Perna from Inn Roads Ministries to talk about the PAX Unplugged convention, Inn Roads Ministries, and Christian responses to Wil Wheaton's remarks about a mass shooting in a church.


0:00 - Intro / Pax Unplugged Convention

16:36 - Games we played

16:36 - Deep Pockets

19:00 - Drop Mix

22:20 - Flip Ships

25:07 - Inn Roads Ministries

39:57 - Wil Wheaton's remarks about a mass shooting in a church

Aug 25, 2017

In Episode 28 we are joined by special gusts in person at Gencon. Guests include:

Stephan Brissaud (IELLO USA COO)

Mike Fitzgerald (Designer)

Alex Goldsmith (Dukes of Dice Podcast)


We discuss fun things at Gencon, then dive into theming in gaming including biblical or religious themes.

Jul 28, 2017

In episode 27 Sam & Dan speak with Bryan Behl from Multiplying Disciples Ministry about his outreach program at the University of Florida. They also discuss some games they've been playing (Barenpark, Caverna: Cave Vs Cave, Century: Spice Road, Whistle Stop, Trader Mechanic the Traitor Mechanic Game, and Battlecon War of Indines.



May 19, 2017

Dan & Sam talk about the hardships they have recently gone through over the last month and how gaming has played a part through it all.


They are also joined by Jared Oldham (the bass player for Theocracy) and talk about Rising Sun, The Godfather, a Song of Fire and Ice, Word on the Street, Pyramid Poker, and Gekido Bot Battle.



Mar 10, 2017

Sam Healey & Dan King interview Mike Goodrick, a worship pastor whose illness brought him into the gaming hobby and helped him through it.


1:02 - Intro

1:19 - Dan's Kickstarter

2:08 - Games We've Been Playing

Round House

4:39 - World Championship Roulette

6:41 - Sixes

8:15 - Exposed

10:39 - Vikings Gone Wild

13:34- Francis Drake

16:22 - Healing in Gaming Interview

Feb 15, 2017

In episode 24 of the Dice Steeple, we talk about 1754: Conquest- The French & Indian War, Far East War 1592, New York Slice, and Rum & Bones:2nd Tide.

We then interview Matt Smith the front man for Theocracy which is a Christian Metal Band.

1:04 - Games We Played

1:07 - 1754: Conquest- The French & Indian War

2:57 - Far East War 1592

4:50 - New York Slice

7:09 - Game Boy Geek Kickstarter

8:02 - Rum & Bones : 2nd Tide

9:43 - Introduce Matt Smith from Theocracy.

Dec 21, 2016

In this episode Sam & Dan take a look at Idolatry in gaming within their own lives.


0:55 - What have we been playing?

14:56 - Idolatry in life

26:10 - Idolatry in Gaming

Nov 11, 2016

In this episode we interview Sean Johnson form about his content of using the things we love to connect us to the God that loves us!


1:33 What have we been playing

12:03 - BGG  Con

12:50 - Biblical Geek

Sep 16, 2016

In this episode we interview clean comedian John Branyan about his love for board games, and how his faith changes his look on comedy & life.


1:54 - Welcome John

2:25 - What Games Have We Been Playing

18:46 - Who is John Branyan

23:44 - Interview


To learn more about John Branyan, visit him at


Aug 2, 2016

In this episode we are joined by Chris Hecox from Geeks Under Grace to tackle the issue of Sensuality in Gaming & at Gencon.


2:00 Introduction of Geeks Under Grace

4:51 - What have we been playing lately?

14:10 - Sensuality in Gaming & at Gencon

Jul 9, 2016

In this episode Sam & Dan talk about inclusion in the board game hobby. They are joined by Jay Howitt & Laura Coxon, and Ron Schade.


0:00 Introductions

1:13 - What have you been up to lately

3:51 - What have you been playing lately

10:46 - Inclusion


Jun 30, 2016

In this episode we interview designer extraordinaire Mike Fitzgerald about his most recent game playing, his background in designing, and his new journey in converting to Judaism.


0:55 What have we been up to

5:55 Games we recently played

20:48 Mike Fitzgerald game & design background

31:33 Mike's personal life & the journey of converting to Judaism


May 12, 2016

In this episode we are joined by Burky & Badger from the Burky & Badger Board Game Babble Podcast.

We talk about the choices we make & Why.


0:00 Intro

8:19 - Questions begin

8:46 - Why do you choose the color that you play & why?

15:54 - Why do you choose a certain role in the game when available?

21:08 - Do you have a certain playing style? Why or why not?

28:38 - Do you draw the line when playing games with violence, murder, theft, in games? If so, where?

45:44 - Does religion play a part in what games you play and/or how you play them?



Burky & Badger can be found at:
Apr 7, 2016

Recently Asmodee North America announced increasing prices of their board games especially online. This has caused a massive outrage on the board game forums. In this episode we shed light on our own personal thoughts on the matter, and also take a look at it through a biblical lens.

Into - 0:00

Recent Games Played

1:15 Happy Salmon

3:27 Pirates of the 7 Seas

5:15 Council of Four

6:30 Thunder & Lightning

8:30 Odin's Ravens

9:50 Meeple War

12:09 Asmodee Pricing Increases Personal Thoughts

29:30 Biblical lens

Mar 5, 2016

We are joined by board game designer Jeff Allers who is involved in reaching out to Middle Eastern refugees in Berlin. A portion of his efforts include playing games with the refugees.  We learn about the situation in Germany and how this has helped them.

0:41 Introducing Jeff Allers

2:26 Games Designed by Jeff

10:10 Jeff's Life Background

14:43 Refugee Situation in Germany


Read more about this and contact Jeff here:

Feb 11, 2016

Sam & Dan discuss luck in gaming, and if luck really exists at all in life.


Kickstarter talk - 0:37

Luck in Gaming - 4:39

Does Luck Exist in Life? - 11:03

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